Fields Of Law & Expertise

~ Conveyancing, Property Law and Notarial Practice.

This includes Township Establishment Law, subdivision of Land Law, Consolidation of Land Law, Antenuptual Contracts, Servitudes, Land Transfers, Bond Registrations, Bond Cancellations, Immovable Property and Securities.

~ Debt Collection: Foreclosures

~ Law of Contract: Commercial Contracts and Private Contracts

~ Civil Litigation

~ Procurement Law

~ Mining & Mineral Law: Prospecting & Mining Rights

~ Administrative Law

~ Constitutional Law

~ Family Law

~ Environmental Law

~ Labour Law

~ Intellectual Property Law

~ Wills & Deceased Estates

Policy on Conflict of Interest

We undertake never to represent a potential client whose interest clashes with that of an existing client. If a conflict of interest arises between existing clients on a particular matter, permission is first sought from both parties before proceeding with the brief. Alternatively, we undertake not to accept the brief and to withdraw from the matter altogether. Further to this, it is the policy of the firm never to divulge any information to anybody, unless forced to do so by a Court Order.